Engagement Session: What to Wear

A complete guide of my outfit tips — with examples

Choosing your outfits for your engagement session can be challenging. A lot of couples come with two outfit choices and my most frequently asked question is what to wear.

Here are my top 3 tips:

  • Wear something that radiates your confidence.
    • If you feel most confident in jeans and a sweater, then wear that. You don’t HAVE to wear a dress or a tie. If you’re confident in your clothes, then it will shine through in your photos.
  • Wear something that will make you comfortable.
    • We do a lot of walking during our sessions, sometimes up to a mile! Candid moments a lot of times involve movement, so wear something you’re comfortable in. If you’re comfy in 6 inch heels, then go for it! I don’t want you to feel pressure to wear certain shoes that are going to make your feet hurt. If you really want to wear the shoes, bring an extra pair where you can walk longer distances in as well and then put your fancy shoes on just for pictures.
  • Wear something you absolutely love.
    • We all have that favorite piece of clothing in our closet… so incorporate whatever that piece may be! Maybe you have your eye on a certain shirt or dress. This is your sign to splurge and buy it!

Color & Styles

  • Match the vibe of your wedding day.
    • Engagement sessions are frequently used for save-the-dates and wedding websites. These images will set the mood of your wedding day when your guests first see them. Wear something that reflects the tone. of the If you have a theme for your wedding (Mardi Gras, Fall Colors, Spring Florals) let’s incorporate that into your engagement photos! If your wedding is going to be a black-tie event, I suggest wearing a more formal outfit. This will help guests know what they should be wearing to your wedding.
  • Make sure you try your clothes on beforehand.
    • The last thing you want to do is scramble around when you’re getting ready to try and plan a new outfit. You also want to make sure everything fits correctly and well!
  • Try to color coordinate.
    • Color blocking is a great way to “match” without being too matchy. For example, split your clothes so whatever you’re wearing on the top, your partner is wearing it on the bottom. You can wear a full-body jumpsuit or dress of the color and they can wear a shirt or pants of that same color. Another example, if your partner wants to wear jeans, you can throw on a denim jacket!
  • Play with textures.
    • When picking your colors, try to find clothes that reflect light. Linens, velvets, and leather create interesting light reflections and can really make your images pop. If you’re wanting to be a bit bolder, throw in a pop of fun color like bright pink, red, yellow, green, blue, etc. This will make an amazing contrast in your photos!
  • Black is ALWAYS an option.
    • Sometimes you and your partner can blend into each other a little if you’re both wearing black, so you can combat this by wearing different textures of black.
  • Don’t be afraid of fun patterns!
    • I love patterns! Be you!